Customer Trust Framework

The API Centre and the Standards Users designed The Customer Trust Framework around a set of customer focused principles that give consumers confidence in how their data is accessed and shared, and how they can initiate payments through Third Parties.




The customer trust framework diagram (Diagram) has been prepared for the sole purpose of illustrating a strategic framework for how customer trust can be grown in open banking and assist in informing the API Centre customer experience guidelines. This Diagram has no legal status and is not binding on any party.  It is for information and general purposes only. Adoption of this Diagram does not affect or replace API Standards Users’ obligations as set out in the API Centre Terms and Conditions (API Terms). API Standards Users must independently ensure that they comply with the API Terms. To the extent that the Diagram conflicts with the API Terms, the API Terms prevail.

The API Centre does not make any express or implied warranty, guarantee or representation regarding the Diagram, including, without limitation, warranties that the Diagram is fit for the purposes required by API Standards Users, Customers or Permitted Users, that compliance with the Diagram assures compliance with the API Terms, or will ensure that any party might meet the standard of care required of them at law, or that any of the assumptions underlying the Diagram are accurate.