API Performance and Monitoring Guidelines

The API Performance and Monitoring Guidelines have been designed to ensure that API Providers are supporting Third Party use cases by performing within agreed targets.



The performance monitoring guidelines (Guidelines) have been prepared for the sole purpose of providing indicative information and are for general purposes only. They have no legal status and are not binding on any party. The Guidelines should be treated as a general guide or a starting point only. The Guidelines are not specific advice and do not contain all the information that an API Standards User may need for the purpose of designing and using API Standards enabled products or complying with the API Centre Terms and Conditions (API Terms).

Adoption of the Guidelines does not affect API Standards Users’ obligations as set out in the API Terms.  API Standards Users must independently ensure that they comply with the API Terms. To the extent that the Guidelines conflict with the API Terms, the API Terms prevail.

The API Centre does not make any express or implied warranty, guarantee or representation regarding the Guidelines, including, without limitation, warranties that the Guidelines are fit for the purposes required by API Standards Users, Customers or Permitted Users, that compliance with the Guidelines assures compliance with the API Terms, that Standards Users will meet or adopt the performance metrics set out in these Guidelines, or will ensure that any party might meet the standard of care required of them at law, or that any of the assumptions underlying the Guidelines are accurate.

The Guidelines are a living document and will be reviewed and updated by the Centre from time to time and published on its website.