API Centre Sandbox, powered by Middleware NZ

Our sandbox, powered by Middleware NZ, contains all current versions of the API standards and acts as a model bank.

We provide the sandbox to our registered Third Party Standards Users and Community Contributors to support proof of concept. Innovations can be built and tested against the standardised API endpoints before entering into bilateral agreements with API Providers as a registered Third Party.

Join our API Centre as a Community Contributor for free (T&Cs apply).

You'll get access to our sandbox, powered by Middleware NZ, to test your innovation to our industry API standards.

The sandbox helps simplify the set up and configuration process with API Providers because a significant portion of a solution can be built and tested to the required common specifications. Then once a registered Third Party partners with an API Provider, they only need to focus on any integration and testing specific to the API Provider, and can begin performance testing.

Features of our sandbox

  • Acts as a model bank.

  • Contains endpoints for all current API standard versions.

  • Is kept up-to-date with major, minor, and patch version releases.

  • Returns real-world format responses with dummy bank data.

  • Provides a secure and independent testing environment.

  • Includes technical support for developers.

Third Party Standards Users and Community Contributors are provided with a sandbox login once their API Centre registration is complete.

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