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This page provides a high level overview of the scope of changes that have been included in v2.1 of the Account Information and Payments Initiation API. This is not intended to be a full change log (these can be found on the respective specification pages), rather it is to be read as a non-technical explainer of changes made and included in this version of the standards.


High level scope

This version of the standards is intended to include:

  • Credit card accounts in the Account Information API

  • Clearer definition of range BECS identifiable accounts in scope of Account Information API

  • Clarifications and errata fixes in Payments Initiation API

Description of standard

The v2.1 Standard originated just prior to the publication of the v2.0 Standard, when Standards Users, Community Contributors and industry stakeholders were consulted on what the market would like to see developed in the ‘pipeline’ of future standards.